Baileyville Police

Baileyville Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons

Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons


Andrew Seavey  Sergeant

Joshua Engroff  Patrol Officer

Mike Donahe  Patrol Officer

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911
Office: 207-427-6203
Dispatch: 207-427-6992

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A bunch of students and parents got together in Woodland today and made some signs to show their pride of our Woodland Dragon's Basketball teams (both boys and girls), the cheerleaders and the band as they head to Bangor for the tournament games. I caught these 4 out hanging the signs up around town. Nick Gagner aka Skipper, Maya Jo Gallant Mackenzie Campbell aka Fred and Summer Woodruff. Great job to all involved. Go Dragons! ... See MoreSee Less

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Today was one of those days that you hope never happen but prepare for just the same. A call goes directly from Woodland Pulp and Paper to Downeast EMS for a response for a person exposed to Chlorine Dioxide gas. What DEEMS didn't know was that there were more than a dozen people exposed.

As soon as they knew the scope of the emergency, plans were in place for mutual aid from Calais Fire and EMS. While Calais was en route, Indian Township EMS sent a rig to cover the Woodland base. The security at the mill directed all the ambulances to the victims. Members of the mill's response team were already rendering aid and had stopped the gas leak.

The teams worked flawlessly to transport all of the victims to Calais Regional Hospital who already had prepared for the incoming patients, just as they have trained to do.

The only hiccup in the whole process was a horse that had escaped from its stable ran into the road in front of the ambulance with the last person to be transported to CRH. The ambulance was able to get slowed down but still struck the horse. The horse was knocked down but got right back up and ran back to its barn. The horse was later determined to be fine but the ambulance was out of commission. Another ambulance was at the scene in just moments and transported the last person for treatment.

The mill and local emergency agencies including our wonderful hospital train for these types of emergencies and that showed itself today.

A job well done by all. The last news I had was that everybody was stable. the hell do we train for a horse?
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Michael and Chris worked so hard the other day that they worked themselves right into a paying job with Dale Croman. People notice what you do guys, just keep doing the good stuff. ... See MoreSee Less

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I am going to have to cancel the Family Fun Day for this Saturday. I guess I did the snow dance a little too hard. Once I get wiggling and jiggling it is hard to stop. The good news is that we have plenty of snow for a sliding day. As soon as the guys from Public Works have a couple of minutes to catch their breath I will let you all know when we will be doing that. Please share so everybody knows, thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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