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Baileyville Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons

Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons


Andrew Seavey  Sergeant

Joshua Engroff  Patrol Officer

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Emergency: 911
Office: 207-427-6203
Dispatch: 207-427-6992[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

WCCC asked if I would help them at their Totally Trades presentation today. I have done it in the past and it has always just been 8th grade girls. Today was the first for 8th grade boys. Ironically enough I got to do the criminal justice presentations.

I had 3 sessions that lasted about an hour and 10 minutes each. During the sessions I was able to show the groups some of the gear that we wear and use while doing this job. 8th grade boys love ballistic vest, rams, handcuffs etc.

I shared with them a power point presentation that shows some of the activities that we have done in Baileyville. Every 10 minutes or so I would ask them if they had seen a picture of me arresting anybody yet. The answer was always no.

I was trying to impress upon them that there is a whole lot more to this job than writing summonses and making trips to jail. I told them not to get me wrong, that also has to happen at times. There are other ways to make an impact on your communities though.

After the session the member of the student senate would take them out and bring me back another group of students. The senate member sat through 3 of my presentations. I would look at her every once in a while, and sometimes I caught her wiping at her eyes.

I told the groups of my 9 years working for the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the lessons I learned and how I was taught many valuable lessons there that I still use to this day. I spoke of a culture different than my own that taught me so much.

After the last session I was walking out of the classroom with the young woman I asked her if she was ready to be a police officer yet. It was then that I learned her name, Briggette Newell and she told me her Uncle A was the Chief of Police in Pleasant Point. Without realizing I was doing it I was talking about many of her relatives, I spoke of how important the Passamaquoddy language is to the Tribe. I spoke of being a pallbearer for her relative. I spoke of many precious memories I had and it affected her in a good way.

These are the special moments.
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2 days ago

Baileyville Police Department
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I was patrolling today and while driving down one of our streets I was watching a young boy on a trike in the road when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and asked Joseph to do what he did when I drove by. I got a picture for you all. I don't even have the words. Thank you Joseph and your family too. ... See MoreSee Less

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I would like to thank 2 different sets of parents and the high school principal for the opportunity to work with 2 young men who found themselves in a bit of a mess at school that was going to cost them an unscheduled 5 day “vacation.”

If they worked with me for the day, they could cut 2 days off. We thought that this would help drive a lesson home better than staying home, sleeping late and playing video games.

Officer Preston picked them up and had them in my office by 8 this morning. We had a heart to heart talk where I did all the talking. I let them know that I didn’t care what kind of issues they had we were going to work them out today.

This is how we approached “conflict resolution”. Here is a hose and here is a scrub brush. I don’t care who uses what, you two figure it out. Here are our two cruisers let’s get them washed. Not good enough wash them both again. This one is good that one needs to be done again. One of you wash that again and the other vacuums the car, again I don’t care which one of you do what. Hey both cars look great.

Here is a shovel and an ice chisel. I want all of the ice from the bay door to the parking lot broken up and moved. Good work guys take a break from that and while you are on break the ladies in the superintendent’s office needs some boxes of files put upstairs. That’s all done now let’s get back to the ice.

Let’s take a lunch break, I’m buying the pizza. What do you want on it? One wanted bacon and the other wanted sausage. How do we resolve that? We could flip a coin. Yes, you could or we could have half on one side and half on the other. That will work better. The two of them talked basketball and football while we ate.

Who is riding in the front seat and who is riding in back? They worked that out. One had the front on the way down and the other on the way back. Back to removing the ice.

When they were done that, we had a talk about returning to school on Monday. I explained that they had worked together on several task today and were able to come to solutions that both could work with. They promised me no more issues on Monday, Tuesday or the rest of the year.

I sent both kids a message a short time ago and let them know I appreciated the hard work. Both sets of parents were happy with the results today. The school is all set for their return on Monday. This won’t work for every issue in every school but it seemed to help with this one.
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