During this critical time where we starting to open up our communities after dealing with the effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we must realize that the virus is still circulating, though at this point in time, Washington County has been spared most of its effects. This is still a time to take this threat seriously.

The Town Office is open to the public. Please wear a mask to protect others. We are restricting access to the counter to one person at a time. If there is someone in front of you, please wait outside the main door. The counter area has been refitted with a Plexiglas panel to help prevent the spread of the virus.                    If you have business with Marilyn, the Town Manager, or Recreation Department, please ensure you maintain proper social distancing while conducting your business.

The Library is still closed to public access, but if you call during normal hours, the staff can have your requests ready for pickup.

The Transfer Station, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Public Works, and Police Department continue to operate with minor modifications to their activities due to the nature of their contact with the public.