The Baileyville Town Council wants all real estate owners, builders, contractors, engineers and architects to know that like most organized towns Baileyville has ordinances and policies affecting building construction and alteration that have been in place for years and will remain a fact and in place for years to come.

The fact is that Baileyville has a zoning ordinance, known as the Baileyville Land Use Ordinance, and a complete set of building codes legally adopted and in effect.  Any and all persons preparing to build new, rebuild or substantially alter any structure in Baileyville should consult Andrew Snowman, Baileyville Code Enforcement and Planning Officer, to learn about any need for a permit to build or alter a structure.

Some normal property maintenance work does not require a permit.  There are fees for some permits but if the work you do should have had a permit and did not get one, an after the fact permit with associated penalties costs more.

Before you build, please consult the Baileyville Code Enforcement Officer at 427-3442.



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  • Allison

    This should REALLY be brought to peoples attention other than just on this website, I own a small business and i am hearing A LOT of people did NOT know that if you take a set of steps off your house you need a permit to replace them or to build larger. There are still a lot of older people that do not have access to internet or if they do they don’t know how to use it well and really how many people go on this site! only reason i am hear is i was looking for the email address of the code enforcement officer which it is nowhere to be found on this site or any other site for that matter! Maybe running an ad for a few weeks in our local paper or even putting it in the paper under our town news would get the word out and save some headaches and the fact that people may have not known. Thank You

    • Amy B Jeanroy

      Thank you for pointing out the missing email. I have added it to the code enforcement page.


      Amy J

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